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Christina Fedyk

Linear expression 2022

Christina was born and grew up in Bedfordshire.

She studied Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester graduating in 1984. She now lives and works in Brighton.


Christina sees art as a means to exercise freedom and as a power to shift ideas and emotions into another state of being.

Her influences are rooted in Abstract Expressionism which she found visually and emotionally moving…artwork that felt alive with  line and rhythm and had an unapologetic honesty about it.  She was drawn to the ambiguous nature of the imagery.  it is suggestive but never fixed or over explained which feels like space for the viewer to enter  and think and engage over time.

These are all qualities that have become important in her own practice.


Her work is mostly abstract.  Many of the shapes and lines are born out of drawings of figures and familiar objects, broken down and transformed into something new.  She uses this interplay between marks and materials to create tensions and sensations, pulling in and processing all kinds of disparate data …. sifting through then piecing together and coaxing out the final image.

She is drawn to making mono types for the unique quality of printed marks… whilst they can be bold and powerful or incredibly fine and delicate they all have a beautiful crispness about them.

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