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David Scott Moore

Chalk, flint, clay, shore -

artists working in Sussex,

Winter collection,

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Painting outside, en plein air, allows David to draw directly from the subtle nuances of the rapidly changing light of a natural event or spectacle.  He reacts quickly and therefore more intuitively.  The distant horizons of the South Downs, French and Tuscan panoramas have focal points from which to anchor the fleeting skies and to stage the ephemeral nature of atmospheric conditions. The rapid response of quick brush marks, layered textures and patterned rhythms capture the transition of moments in time.  Some of the composition is left unpainted and abstracted.  Furthermore, original marks painted at the initial event are left still traceable on the surface leading the viewer's eye from close to the surface to back to viewing the whole painting.

David wrestles with painting and his perceptions of a scene, and the painting processes with which to grapple with each new live event in an en plein air session.  He has to quickly respond, with little chance of turning back, to the changing time, atmospheric conditions, light and movement.  He believes that regularly painting outside and revisiting locations helps with fluency and therefore brings immediacy to the painting to better represent the transience of life and our connection with nature.

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

New Spring landscapes

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