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Fliff Carr


Cloth and clay 2024


Fliff Carr is a London designer and maker of simple and refined ceramic tableware and art work. Her finely-thrown and hand-rolled pieces are distinctly eclectic and explore scale, pattern and irregularity. She uses white and black earthenware clay,  textured and embossed or inlaid with subtle shades of coloured slip and underglaze. 


Collection and display are as important to Fliff as the making itself, and a lot of her work considers the process of repetition and creating pieces that have a direct visual relation with a made group. She uses layering and meaning in the context of the pieces themselves and also in terms of thoughts and memory. She is fascinated by things that are hidden, obscured or revealed and uses her own childhood diaries and her interest in the emotional resonance of objects to inform her making. 


Fliff’s Weight of Uncertainty project came about during the recent Covid pandemic and was inspired by the expression “the weight of uncertainty” that was being used to describe the negative effects of restriction. Fliff decided to transform this concept into a clay weight of 1oz and to throw one vessel on the wheel every day of lockdown starting on March 24th 2020.  The accumulated uncertainty over the ensuing 103 days of the first lockdown are visually represented in this collection of vessels. They are all the same weight, approximately 3-5cm high and made of earthenware clay which is fired but unglazed.  


On 4 January 2021 when a third national lockdown was announced Fliff created a further 63 black clay vessels to reflect the darker mood of the nation.

Click images for details and if you are interested in Fliff Carr's work please enquire below.

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