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Helen Goodwin

Earth materials 2023

My practice is largely site responsive and performative, often working in remote locations and with an emphasis on impermanence. The particular locality, both people and place, is the basis, and provides materials that feed into my work, mostly collecting, combining and using material culture as well as found geology of place. I am particularly interested in ever-changing edges of landscapes, which led me to look further at ideas around environmental impermanence. My work usually lasts only for the duration of an install before it is either washed, cut or swept away. Photography has become an important part of my practice, capturing the process of impermanence.

Living in Sussex close to the edge of a forever changing and re-forming coastline provides place for continued research and source material. This has led to working with elements and impacts of weather, drawing with wind and sunlight and more recently working with ice, combining it with local earth and charcoal and Chinese ink.

I have worked and studied in the UK and other European countries including a postgraduate scholarship in Budapest for two years, and an MA in Drawing at UAL Wimbledon when I also undertook research with local artists and architects in Tokyo post-tsunami. I have been selected on various international residencies and worked in China and Mongolia on arts related projects.  I lived, worked and continued making in China for eight years, a place that continues to feed into my practice.

Recent work has been exhibited at the RSA Edinburgh, in the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Japan. I have work in international private and institutional collections.


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