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Helen Terry 

Gaze, glimpse - a look at landscape

Helen's new body of work, entitled "A marginal space", is concerned with themes of ambiguity, change and in between spaces: it refers to the landscape of the marshes, estuaries and shorelines where the edge of the land and the water are engaged in a constant process of movement and change.

Her work revolves around mark-making on cloth with dye and stitch.  She chooses to work with cloth because of the way it can be manipulated and changed and hold traces of what is done to it.  It is not a passive surface and marks penetrate the cloth leaving marks on the back as well as the front.

Helen likes to experiment with different methods of generating marks, favouring print and dye processes that cannot be completely controlled but leave room for accidental and chance effects.  Currently this includes a combination of silkscreen and mono print techniques.

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