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Jacky Oliver


Also shown in

Linear expression 2022

Surface edge shadow 2022

Rhythm and flow 2023

Originally trained in Jewellery at Middlesex University, Jacky went on to gain an MA at the Royal College of Art. Her practice comprises a range of metalwork techniques and processes, including jewellery, silversmithing and blacksmithing, creating work that champions skilled craftsmanship over machine fabrication.

For Rhythm and Flow Jacky has developed fluid linear pieces that create a sense of movement. The elements within each piece interact with each other, some with an energy and dynamic quality, whilst others offer a pause, a simple calmer form and made with the intention of the viewer assembling their own compositions. 


Creating this series of pieces has been a brilliant opportunity for Jacky to explore composition, scale and repetition. The open nature of the delicate structures allows the work to be viewed with strong bold shadows.


Jacky creates work for commissions, residencies and exhibitions, ranging in scale from small, hand-held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces.

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