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Jane Cairns

Previously shown in

Surface edge shadow 2022

Earth materials 2023

Jane Cairns’ work is about finding beauty in the ordinary. It’s about recognising the accidental poetry in the unnoticed and overlooked. Living in the city this is often found in apparently insignificant visual details of the built environment – the space on a wall where something has been removed, a juxtaposition of materials, the sculptural qualities of found forms.

Taking an experimental approach to ceramic processes and materials to reflect the forms, colours, and textures she finds in these places her work captures the unexpected, quiet beauty of neglected environments and found objects.

Coming to ceramics as a second career Jane graduated from the Harrow Ceramics BA in 2011 and is a founder member of artist collective 'Haptic/tacit'. She lives and works in London with a studio on the river by the Thames Barrier.

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