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Jane Sarre

Making arrangements and

Organic form - Winter 2018/19

Jane Sarre makes contemporary tableware and servingware thrown in white stoneware.  Her designs are inspired by family traditions.  They utilise a considered design grammar of clean-lined clarity, articulated forms, proportion and subtle textures to create functional but fresh pieces.  This gives the work standalone character and enables it to frame any meal without upstaging the food being presented.

The work is part-glazed to emphasise the angles of the form, using a carefully selected palette of monochromes and quietly rich seasonal accent colours to give a simple but powerful presence.  Their use brings awareness to each moment and enriches the experience of daily life.

Jane has been a full time ceramicist since 2012 when she left a career in museums to pursue her creative practice.  After starting in a shared studio in Hackney she is now based in Hastings.  Inspiration comes from the world around her, particularly noticing interesting forms in architecture, utilitarian design etc.  Meditation practice is an important touchstone and that mindfulness can be seen in the finished designs.

Recent appearances for her work include Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feasts (Channel 4), Dish of the day exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool and "The Flexible Vegetarian" by Jo Pratt.

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