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Jennifer Jones

Cloth and clay

Jennifer's work is a continual exploration and investigation of the relationship between fibre and the structures within woven cloth. She has investigated all manner of fibres, to identify how the treatment of fibres in the production of yarns give each a personality that could be exploited in the weaving process. 


Jennifer has investigated many types of fibres from fine silk, cotton, linen, ramie, rayons and wools to salvaged fishing net fibres and she makes sure that 90% of all her work is made from materials and yarns she either already possesses or has gathered from the natural world, which reduces waste and tests her ingenuity. 

By bringing together all her experiences and knowledge she exploits the various yarn characteristics to design and develop new, possibly novel, surfaces and methods.

Often organic and architectural, Jennifer's cloths are the result of a methodical and carefully contemplated juxtaposition of warp and weft yarns, she introduces tension and space in an unexpected manner and adds layers to cause controlled distortion elsewhere within the piece. The resulting pieces of work are expressive, three dimensional surfaces, each having been designed to comfortably inhabit it's own undefined space and to provoke inquiry and reflection.


The work is is deliberately designed so that changes in light direction and distance between the piece and the projected surface, cause shadows introducing an extra, sometimes ephemeral, layer. These evidence the synergy between the two surfaces offering the viewer an alternative perspective. The shadows are an important integral part of the work and are carefully considered when selecting yarns and weave structures. 


Every piece of work, is an evidential stage in her journey to move ideas of woven cloth away from flat planes of fabric to individually unique works of Art. 


Jennifer hopes her work invites the observer to query their own ideas about the nature of cloth and to consider the potential therein.

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