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Jo Lovelock

Cloth and clay 2024

Jo’s new body of work, entitled “Connections”, explores the interconnectedness of our lives. 


Painting directly on pre-owned paper maps, Jo mentally walks in our footsteps, whilst tracing the roads and footpaths that bring us together.


By deconstructing the maps and weaving them back together Jo seeks to find new patterns or directions in our fragmented and interwoven lives; seeking harmony amongst the chaos and discord that surrounds us.


Jo says: ‘I grew up surrounded by maps as my mum was a cartographical draughtswoman. As I work on a piece, I imagine the lives of the people that live in the streets or walk the footpath each day. I wondered what would have happened if they had turned left and not right at a crossroads or had lived in a different road on the other side of town. I wonder where the people who lived on these streets are now, or what they were thinking as they trudged along’. 


We never know where life is going to take us or who we might meet along the way, so it is important to grab opportunities and cherish every day.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Jo Lovelock's work please enquire below.

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