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John Skinner - "Translucides" - Organic exhibition

The exhibition shows a selection of John Skinner's

new and innovative paintings, "Translucides".

Created on tracing paper they have a glowing and delicate quality.  These pieces are displayed in custom built light boxes to enable the light to reveal the images: illuminating the delicate blushes and threads of colours and marks built up on both sides of the paper.  These are beautiful reinventions and poetic imaginings of his experience of working outside in the woods and hillside.

John's paintings have a light touch, an elegance and yet a force of energy.  Every glowing colour offers a sensation of space, light and movement. Every mark is delivered with intention, wit and generosity. He has cultivated an ability to extract and intensify the essence of the subject: a mood, a fleeting moment of beautiful poetic co-incidence.

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