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Jon Probert

Stillness 2024

Having studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and lived in London for many years, cityscapes and the feelings that they evoke have always been important to Jon's work. From the derelict factories of Tyneside in the 1990's to the streets of the capital, Jon has always been drawn to the textured surfaces of the everyday things that pass us by. Torn posters, decaying walls, the roads and stations that we inhabit and pass through without a second glance. A keen photographer, Jon has become an avid collector of images of walls, rooftops, boarded up buildings, tiled surfaces and fences, a monochrome aesthetic of repetition and subtle variation.

The current series of drawings take these influences as a starting point. Intended as an exploration of grids and abstract composition and initially studies for possible paintings, they have taken on a life of their own, exploring subtle nuances of tone and composition. The repetitive act of drawing, the slow build up of graphite on paper results in images that are at once complex but have a certain simplicity, a stillness and beauty that Jon also finds in the surfaces and textures of the city around him.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Jon Probert's work please enquire below.

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