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Julia Hutton MA RCA

Elements: earth fire

Drawing is central to Julia's practice forming a bridge to other related works in print, object making and photography. Her interest in philosophy and poetry, phenomenology and perception informs the creative process and recent scientific research has contributed to new definitions within her work.


The 'Burning Light' series of drawings started as a direct response to capture the illusive qualities of sunlight passing through Julia's studio window at different times of the day.

Working with Met Office sunshine data and recording instruments has played an important role in the progression of these drawings and has led her to explore further ways of expressing ideas related to our changing world, time, place and memory. The hand drawn burnt line has been critical in the articulation of Julia's thoughts and intentions, inspired by an instrument that uses the sun's rays to burn a piece of card to record its intensity and duration.


Her work is held in both private and public collections and by The British Museum and Royal College of Art Archives.

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