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Leonie Rutter


Leonie’s unique, contemporary ceramics are characterised by their flowing lines and minimalist designs. With a focus on form and texture, she creates beautifully tactile pieces that convey a sense of balance and harmony. 

Leonie’s porcelain vessels are hand thrown on the wheel and inlaid with patterns of coloured porcelain. The free-form patterns are inscribed by hand and then back-filled with coloured porcelain which is carefully pared back to a smooth surface. After much refining the resulting patterns are embedded within the porcelain body which have a silky smooth surface. These vessels are fired to about 1250°C in an electric kiln. At this temperature the porcelain is self-glazing and the vessels are food safe and water resistant. The porcelain vessels are therefore left unglazed, celebrating the natural beauty of the fired porcelain clay.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Leonie was introduced to clay at evening classes over 30 years ago and has been exploring wheel thrown and hand building techniques ever since.  Her engineering background adds a unique perspective to her ceramics, allowing her to push the boundaries of the medium whilst creating forms which are visually appealing. Her deliberate use of asymmetry adds a complexity to her designs which invites you to explore each piece from every angle.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Leonie Rutter's work please enquire below.

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