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Louisa Boyd


Louisa often considers place and its meaning to an individual in her work. Her interpretations of terrestrial and celestial environments focus on the connection between these two spaces. Representations of mapping, symbols of nature , sacred geometry, as well as more abstract concepts about our individual finite existence and our relationship with home, find their way into the work. 


At the moment Louisa is working with a series of geometric forms called the Platonic Solids and polyhedral variations of these. Plato suggested that each one of these three-dimensional, regular forms represented an element of the earth: fire, earth, water, air and the fifth element, aether. A recurring theme in her work, aether was once thought to relate to the space beyond our planet or the celestial sphere. 


Louisa Boyd has worked as an artist exhibiting both nationally and internationally since graduating in 2001. Her work has been incorporated into a number of publications and also included in both national and international public collections. Recent successes have seen her gain further recognition through exhibitions selected by prestigious juried panels and showing her work alongside some of the most well-established and respected names in contemporary art. Shortlisted for the John Ruskin prize in 2017 and exhibiting on three different occasions at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, Boyd continues to make paintings, prints, and paper sculptures.

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