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Maike Denker (Germany)

Find, make

Maike Denker's artistic practice is located in the field of tension between art, nature and science. She believes in a universal connection between the things that surround us. Something bigger, of which we as humans can only ever be a part.

Central to Denker's work are botanical reproduction and growth structures, which, for the artist in a metaphorical sense, are also models of cultural spaces or social systems. This introduces the possibilities of transferring the formal potential of what has grown in nature to create other systems of particular interest.

The artist meticulously assembles hundreds of seeds, leaf fragments or twigs into filigree collages and sculptures that irrevocably cast a spell on the viewer and prompt him to look more closely, connecting this visual experience of small objects to lead him to the possible discovery of a universal world: an eternal cycle of constellations that moves together in the entire microcosm and macrocosm.

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