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Manny Woodard


Creating art has always been an integral part of Manny’s life.  


Her fascination lies with the subtle interplay between people, their thoughts and their environments and she uses her art to convey the emotion of these moments.


Recently Manny has been making small detailed drawings. They display an innate sensitivity for the subject matter, be it a still life or figurative subject. All the drawings are graphite on wooden panels and then varnished.  They divide into four subjects - portrait, nostalgia, still life and dancers.


Known primarily for her sculptures, Manny has developed beautiful, soulful pieces of seemingly ordinary people caught in a moment of time. She initially explores the imaginary with black and white drawings, using charcoal, conté or pencil.


Conceptualized in maquette, then sculpted in clay, plaster or wax, Manny creates textural surfaces using her hands, metal tools and found natural objects.  She embraces the random marks that are created in the process and finds beauty in the imperfections.


Manny skillfully moulds and casts all her own sculptures in jesmonite or resin with graphite and bronze.  The patina is then achieved by the laying on of earth pigments, overlaid with a protective varnish or wax.


Her figures vary – some stand alone, contemplative off the passage of time, feet planted solidly on the ground, whilst others display couples, with their bodies lightly touching and their forms merging into each other, some a tantalizing balance between a caress and aggression.


Through these powerful yet delicate sculptures and drawings Manny invites the viewer to take a moment, and to explore the dynamic world which surrounds each quiet pause.


Manny’s works are an expression of herself, her “own hand writing”.  Her sculptures and drawings are executed with a humanity that exudes an innate sense of beauty and integrity.







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