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Manos Kalamenios


Manos works with ceramics in an innovative way, experimenting with and investigating the properties of various clays to explore new ideas and possible outcomes, often pushing the boundaries.

In this exhibition he is showing small, delicate bone china pieces, some of which are plain white, some have gold rims and others, Mother of Pearl interiors.

He says, "Working with bone china is like trying to tame a wild horse; very difficult at the start but so rewarding afterwards. It feels now after all these years by just touching the piece I can sense its needs and limitations".

Manos feels that it is very important to let the material do what is best for it in the most simple way possible instead of forcing it to be something else.  He aims always to be true to the material, listening to its voice and observing its personality.  He likes to use the ‘usual’ in an unusual way and he hopes to make people see ordinary objects in a different light.

"I try to keep my work as minimal as possible. I believe less is more".

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