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Mark Rebennack (USA)

Elements: air water

Mark's "Exhale" drawings evolved during a period battling a creative block and insomnia.  Daily running and cycling and starting a meditation practice led him to focus on the breath, leading him to his first attempts to "draw the breath."

The process has evolved over the last five years but the honesty and dedication to the idea remains.


Each line is one breath.  

As he places his pen on the paper he inhales deeply.  

As he exhales he draws the line.  

When his breath runs out, so does the line.  


Each new line mimics the previous, with any imperfections being continued in the new line thus creating the waves.  As each drawing progresses he can get a feel for the composition. There are no predetermined number of lines (except on his 100 line series) and no formula to where the waves start or how they end.  He allows the piece to let him know when it's finished.

BFA:  University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning. 1999

MS:  California State University, Long Beach.

Masters in Special Education.  2012

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