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Martha Winter

Elements: earth fire 

Find, make 2021

Martha's artistic practice has been profoundly influenced by exposure to two vastly different environments.  Firstly, growing up in London with minimal art and Modern architecture. This gave her the visual language of reduced and economical form and a fascination with systems, repetition and order. Secondly, the regular witnessing of the raw power of the East Anglian coastline. This presented chaos, giving her an awareness of natural laws and an interest in physical matter.

Now living near Cambridge, Martha has been influenced in how scientific research influences our understanding of the natural world. Through observing nature and biomimicry, she has developed a process that allows her to 'draw' with a sand solution. This painstaking method enables the creation of form through line and texture around which other materials and pigments are then accumulated over time. The aim is to explore and mimic processes in the natural environment and continues her obsession with geometry, measure of the earth.

By reducing compositional elements to the minimum, she can explore natural pattern.  She uses repetition, sorting and accumulation to emphasise the organic ordering of parts to create heavily textured surfaces. Concentrating on patterns of repetition that are present on many scales, reminiscent of satellite imagery and microscopy.

Through her work Martha seeks to reach a combination of these ingredients, aiming for a point of both tension and harmony where a frisson occurs. She aims to create pieces that provoke contemplation on the similarity and complexity of mathematical patterns around us.    

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