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Maya Makino

Previously shown in

Blue 2022


In Maya's paintings she tries to capture and preserve the experience of witnessing past scenes that appear momentarily before her eyes, which result from an involuntary awareness of sensations. The scent of a flower, the sound of rain, or the quietness of night trigger childhood recollections, leading to an experience where memories appear in quick succession in the mind, only to disappear the next instant as soon as she become conscious of such sights and senses. It could be described as the feeling of pursuing the moment one remembers.


About the materials:

The wooden panels are primed with gesso made using gofun (shell lime), which is sometimes applied to create reliefs that are then soaked with indigo dye. Intensity of colour is an important element of expression in Maya's work, which involves the use of a single dye to produce a range of indigo blue hues. One characteristic of indigo dye is that it penetrates the support, a quality linked to the way memories penetrate the mind. Maya regards painting not only as an effect on the painted surface, but as a phenomenon emerging from deep within the support, where colour transcends the material.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Maya Makino's work please enquire below.

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