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Oliver Chalk

Linear expression 2022

Following Oliver's first series of vessels, 'Surface', (see 'Fibre: structure and surface') he has developed a further series for 'Linear expression'. With each piece he has delved deeper into his thoughts, feelings and understanding as an evolving relationship unfolds through his process as a maker working with wood.

Standing still 

To scrutinise, to look deeper; to understand. 


A new series of textured vessels posing the idea and physicality of standing still within immediate landscape; opening a personal dialogue into sense of self, creating time and space to acknowledge growth; to disinter feelings and ethics often lost within the density of conventional language.


Juxtaposed through stain, form, texture and process these vessels are deeply anchored to living presently within my landscape, engaging with the pursuit of self and purpose; submission and evidence to becoming whole through the coalescence of creation. 

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