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Sarah Reason-Jones

Cloth and clay 2024

The influence for Sarah's work is based on the cliff strata along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

Observing the continual change of the seasons. The cliffs have a brooding awe-inspiring presence. She is aware of the layers of time and the constant shift of the tide. She finds the colour and texture of these cliffs very evocative. Sarah has dyed fabric thread, experimenting with fabric manipulation, machine and hand stitching. The hand stitching is slow and repetitive which she enjoys and finds therapeutic in this busy world.

Through her work Sarah wishes to express the flexibility of using stitch and fabric in an unconventional way, to promote stitch as a contemporary and serious art medium whilst maintaining a fidelity to traditional forms.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Sarah Reason-Jones' 

work please enquire below.

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