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Stine Dulong

Making arrangements

Stine Dulong is the founder and maker behind ceramics brand, SkandiHus, which is inspired by a love of Scandinavian design in which beauty is radiated through light colours, the ample use of natural materials, minimalism and functionality..

Like many Scandinavian designers before her, Stine believes that quality design should be affordable, stylish and relevant to the modern human being by providing minimal distraction and maximum functionality and beauty.

Stine both throws and hand-builds her pieces.  It is very important to her to minimise her impact on the world in which she lives, so she reuses materials whenever possible and many of her pieces are made from reclaimed waste clay from her students and fellow studio members.

These bottles have been wheel thrown with a white stoneware clay body.  Once trimmed and at "leather hard" dryness, they have been painted with black slip colour and decorated using a technique called Sgraffito in which Stine scratches away parts of the slip to create contrasting textures by revealing the clay colour beneath.  

As each piece is unique they have been marked with Stine's personal makers mark and do not form part of the standard SkandiHus range.

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