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Sue Lawty

Previously shown in

Elements: earth fire 2020

Elements: wood metal 2020

Gaze 2021

Warp, weft, stitch, thread 2021

Find, make 2021

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Earth materials 2023

Unearthed 2023

Rhythm, repetition, a limited colour palette and the austerity of working with the least number of different components continue to be essential elements in Sue Lawty’s oeuvre. Her pieces for this exhibition are a continuance of an ongoing series of small, quiet works.

Whether weaving in lead or meticulously placing tiny fragments of rock to make a ‘stone drawing’, she pursues the exploration of material qualities that are inherently given by the chosen substance.

Stone drawings

At the core of making these stone studies is the inclination to celebrate the humblest of stone fragments – tiny ocean washed slivers that would go unnoticed – trampled over, soon to become sand.

Lawty says: ‘We can think a beach is just uniform grey - but the more we take time to observe, the more we begin to notice. We start to distinguish subtleties of shape and proportion; tonal and colour shifts; nuances of dark grey, lighter grey, brownie grey, pale soft grey, harder black grey, yellowy putty grey, bluey grey, hints of ochre, rust colours and an occasional dark burnt red. All this speaks of the substances of our planet.‘

Lawty’s works are in collections worldwide including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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