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Susan Phillips


Monochrome 2021

Susan is interested in the way in which a model or plan can simplify our perception, and can evoke in us a sense of potential and possibility.  One that emphasises re-invention and change rather than fixed concrete results.

Her work is informed by an interest in architecture, minimalism and psychology.

Working in series, she employs planar form and geometric abstraction as a visual language with which to explore compositional relationships -

pairing opposing elements with the aim of finding unity within the whole.

Susan creates simple, constructed sculptures in porcelain and embossed collagraph prints.  Cutting is used to define structure, and re-arrangement of form allows for a direct use of void space.

Boundaries are an area of interest between 2 and 3 dimensional form, the material and the interaction the work has with its environment through light.

It is Susan's intention that the work retains a raw materiality and a transparency of making process.  Her aim is not to create an image, but rather to isolate a moment within a process of continued transformation.

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