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Sylvia Quinnell

Monochrome 2021

Gallery 2

Common ground

Since childhood, Sylvia has held a fascination for flora and fauna; collecting things and picking wild flowers when it was still ok to do so.  Monday mornings were always looked forward to when she could take her treasure trove to place on the Nature Table at her small rural primary school.

Sylvia is an artist/maker and avid gardener, growing both wild and cultivated flowers in the garden surrounding her studio and which

provides her with a constant source of inspiration. It is not surprising that her printmaking, ceramics and jewellery find common ground where ideas overlap and intertwine in an organic way with an emphasis on simplicity.


Her love of materials and the tools she uses feeds the need to experiment.  Taking a "what if" approach to cutting, bending, hammering, rolling or firing whether in clay, metal, wood or paper and ink, and always with an eye, Sylvia is on a continuing journey to discover ways of making.

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