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Terry Griffin - Organic exhibition

Organic - this is the perfect word to express the subject matter but also the manner in which Terry's work has evolved.  Throughout this time there has been continuous interplay betwen the ink and water work and the claywork.

Initially the ink and water work began with the notion of torn pieces of paper twisted into a twirl, a bit like the blue salt twists that used to be in packets of crisps a long time ago.  That developed into using very fine pieces of porcelain and drawing it into a shape with copper oxide.  They seemed to be like little "haiku" poems using wire, porcelain and oxide instead of words.  This is when the work became truly organic. The porcelain pieces moved back into water and ink which seemed insect-like when it was small, and as it grew was reminiscent of trees, bark and roots.

This inspired various pots exploring growth and movement.

During this time Terry was spending every week treasure hunting at the sea shore.  This has led to using porcelain with found driftwood to make various utensils.  Pots have been made from "T" Material with seaweed pressed into the surface.  They are decorated with manganese oxide to create the surface of the pebbles on the beach.

Christmas exhibition and Black and white

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