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Vanessa Stopforth

Making arrangements and

Organic form - Winter 2018/19

Arc, angle plane, form

Vanessa Stopforth teaches 3D Design and Graphic Design on the Foundation Art & Design course at Stroud School of Art, South Gloucester & Stroud College.

In May 2017 she gained a 1st Class Masters Degree in Design from University West of England.

At the heart of Vanessa's practice is making, drawing on a multidisciplinary background ranging from craft, spatial and urban design, surface pattern and graphic design.  Her underlying focus and research throughout much of her work has been between traditional craftsmanship and new technologies.

Over the course of her MA, Vanessa's work has developed a strong focus on aesthetic value through simplicity, purity of geometry, pattern and colour; together with a sense of fun and playfulness.  Her current work explores line, form and function combining craft and advances in technology and the joining of simple materials and techniques.  Much of Vanessa's work is developed through digital drawing which is laser cut and engraved using sustainable laser Birch Plywood.  The work is then either hand painted using a carefully selected colour palette or left to show the natural grain of the wood.  As a final process each piece is treated with an acrylic clear varnish.

Please note:

These items are not toys and are not suitable for children.

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