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Alison Wren 

Blue 2022

Alison makes wheel-thrown decorative and functional stoneware ceramics in simple, elegant forms with a subdued and gentle colour palette. 

Her appreciation of pared-back design and natural materials is integral to the development of her own visual language.  She is influenced by places and things to which she is drawn – the curve of a hill or line of a wall, wide open spaces, the sea and sky, sand and pebbles. 


The paintings of Giorgio Morandi are an added source of inspiration; although Alison does not attempt to mimic them but loves the subtle tones and the relationships between the forms that make up his compositions. 


Having graduated in Ceramic Design from Staffordshire University in the 1990’s and (after a varied career), Alison found her way back to working with clay in 2016 and feels content to be doing, at last, what has always been in her heart. 

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