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Dail Behennah

Previously shown in

Arc angle plane form 2019

Flow 2019

Paper 2019

Structured 2020

Gaze 2021

Monochrome 2021

Surface edge shadow 2022

Stillness 2024


Dail has made 3 new pieces of work for Stillness. Calm and white, in each one the three directional weaving has been disrupted resulting in a new pattern of shadows. 

The two pieces, Ridge and Furrow refer to the ancient landforms created by early ploughs in the strips of an open field system. Where the land has returned to pasture these remain as traces in the landscape, and are especially visible when the angle of the sun is low. 


Initially the two paper panels look very similar, but look a little longer and you will see that the central panel in Ridge bulges outwards, and that in Furrow dips inwards. Look for even longer and you will find it hard to see the orientation of the little cubes. The tumbling block is a transformable figure and because of confusing depth clues it will suddenly appear to switch from one that appears to bulge outwards to one that dips inwards. 

The line between two patterns of weave in Edge 2 is easier to see. The large blocks on the left have been divided to create the smaller ones on the right, reminiscent of iron pyrite crystals which often have a cubic structure and appear to grow onto and out of each other. 


Dail's work has always been about line, light and shadow and these three new pieces continue those themes. She likes her work to appear calm and hope that they will encourage the viewer to stop, be still, and look for a little longer. 

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Dail Behennah's work please enquire below.

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