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Elaine Bolt  

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Elaine has worked with clay for many years but returned to study more recently, completing an MA in ceramics in 2012.  Elaine's ceramic vessels include thrown pieces in porcelain and terracotta with added oxides and glazes, creating a muted colour palette.

Elaine's work is steeped in the context of her local surroundings in East Sussex.  Her wheel thrown vessels in porcelain, terracotta and local clays are sometimes sympathetically combined with found natural and man-made objects gathered from the landscape or shoreline.  

The pieces have a quiet, thoughtful quality simply expressed through a muted palette 

informed by colours and tones found in the flint and chalk landscape of the South Downs - her latest range focussing on the use of a restricted palette of deep flint blacks, through to soft grey, stony glazes to creamy white tones.

In Elaine's ceramic with mixed media objects and her framed objects, a narrative is at play, creating stories within their sensitive arrangements.

Every piece is subtly different, putting care and a sense of personality into each one.  Elaine's ideas are constantly evolving, valuing individuality and integrity in her work.

Elaine Bolt is a member of Craft Potters Association, alumni of the Crafts Council Hothouse scheme and is currently working on the Arts Council funded collaborative project "Making Ground"

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