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Elena Vasilantonaki (Greece)

Unearthed 2023

Elena Vasilantonaki has run her own studio PilosClayArt, since 2019, making one of a kind pieces for collectors around the globe.

“Growing up in Greece she was surrounded by pottery forms that have changed little since ancient times.  Moved and inspired by the works of the early people,  Elena creates pieces that question the idea of function and utility but, above all, the notion of time and progress.

Her aim is to create contemporary work with an ancient feel.

The hand building and coiling techniques she uses to create her pieces have been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. The process is slow and meditative.  The slow construction permits the development of a dialogue that influences the emerging shape. Focus is on texture, the tactile quality of the works, the aim being  to create surfaces that invite touch.

Each unique piece is handbuilt by Elena at her studio in Athens, Greece.

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work please enquire below.

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