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Eva Armental (Spain)

Gaze 2021

Eva's practice has an underlying environmental interest embedded in the outcome of each body of work. It is centred on a longstanding fascination for nature, but also a certain concern relating the undeniable fact that humankind has gradually lost control over its unique habitat.


In recent years, she has been working on the idea of landscape language, a series of marks, and signs originating from nature: gestural marks made with pencil, charcoal, ink, paint or a combination of them all. When Eva wishes to communicate a more specific concept, she uses

photography or new printing technology. In general, a minimal approach is preferred and very

often colour is inhibited in order to focus on the gestural mark which can then be perceived as a kind of imported calligraphy from nature. 


Bodies of work such as “Equilibrium” and “Organic until further_news” have been ongoing projects along several years. Both series have been articulated in their visual forms by means of traditional media and new printing processes.

Two sets of "Organic until further_news" are available - 

Set one:  a complete set of six framed prints as shown.

Set two: available unframed as separate sets of 3 "Cloud" prints (top row) and three "Origin" prints (bottom row) with the option of having them framed.

Born in Bournemouth, UK of Spanish nationality, Eva moved to Spain aged 11.
She studied at the Pablo Picasso School of Arts, A Coruña, Spain for two years.
In the 90´s Eva started to study new CAD technologies which led her to working in
creative environments. 
At 36, Eva left a stable job to paint full time, while teaching, translating and web page
She has collaborated for some years designing exhibitions produced by women's associations
and the local government.

Today, she is part of a group which participates as rehearsal observers for emerging theatre groups.

Travelling is one of Eva's main priorities and an important resource for her work.

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if you are interested in any of Eva Armental's

work please enquire below.

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