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Fanny Peppercorn

Contemplation exhibition

Autumn of my life

reds and golds blaze all around

I relish the burn 

Haiku written for Fanny by Thandi Greville-Grey

"This work explores the intrinsic perplexities of the journey life takes us on; its change of flow; shape and rhythm as we come to the Autumn of that life:

the challenges, hurdles, the ever changing folds and contours:

while the potter's wheel remains firm and constant.

The older I become the more I admire and seek the inner life of all that surrounds me; how behind the superficial lies a more internal life of beauty.

Life is not perfect and it is the imperfection which elicits deeper emotions.

There is beauty and transience to be found in every living thing, especially in our imperfections.

Poignant and often melancholic they teach us to reflect on our own humanity, our impermanence on this earth.

The appreciation of imperfection beyond the superficial is the path I seek".

Fanny Peppercorn 2017

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