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Felicity Hall

Previously shown in

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Linear expression 2022

Earth materials 2023

Felicity's current exploration is working with the stone, the elemental embodiment of earth, wrapping stones using centuries old ornamental knots used in Japanese Ikebana basketry.  She is inspired by the wisdom of what the stone can teach us about slowing down our minds to bring balance and harmony into our lives, as well as being a teacher of how to exist among all living systems in harmony and balance. Since the birth of industrialisation and colonialism the beliefs and ways of being in the world have shifted dramatically from those of our ancestors, taking us further away from the sources of our survival. In many ways human beings have fallen out of alignment with life.

Each stone is chosen with care and intuitively wrapped with a weaving pattern to work with its individual form and character.  The process is deeply meditative and Felicity takes her time to connect with each stone as a living part of nature. Holding a stone serves as a grounding energy that allows us to feel the security and nurturing influence of mother earth. Holding a stone is also an invitation to pause and rekindle remembrance of a different pace of being, far away from the breathtaking pace many of us are struggling to keep up with within the industrial growth society. When we sit with stone we draw alongside a sense of calmness where we can remember our true inheritance, in rhythm with a softer way of being.

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