Gizella K Warburton

Interior space exhibition

Gizella's work has a raw and simple materiality with layers of detail that are revealed or hidden as light and shadow pass across and through the surfaces, echoing the transience of emotional and physical landscape.  Abstract compositions evolve through the tactile and contemplative process of drawing with paper, cloth and thread. Mark making is an intrinsic part of her practice: shadowed, scratched, stained, scarred, pierced, wrapped and stitched.  Gizella often works in "series", exploring the relationship of "one to other", be it through material qualities, spatial balance, depth of tone, surface detail.  Her relationship with making is visceral....she "feels" where the work emanates from, and is leading, as much as she "sees" it.  At present, a palette of "paleness" and "darkness" continues to intrigue Gizella and distils her focus, the rhythms and tactile intimacy of drawing, sculpting, stitching and weaving ground her.

For some time Gizella has been making vessel forms, both as objects within themselves; exploring inner spaces in relation to outer skins, and as three dimensional drawings; where open interwoven and knotted forms hold a dialogue with both the fixed planes close by and the linear shadows they cast.  Some of these sculptural vessels have emerged as simple bowls where others have become more anthropomorphic and totemic in form.  Their making involves a series of ritual processes; wrapping, binding, layering, piercing, knotting, stitching and suturing.  The size and shape of these vessels are determined by a fragile and tenuous combination of elements; breath, tension, balance and materiality.  The burnishing, staining, abrading, shadowing and marking of surfaces continues the dialogue that Gizella quietly has with each piece, and that which it has in relation to others within a series.