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Ingrid Press

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Ingrid has always been interested in fibre crafts and finds the existing variety astonishing. She is intrigued by the processes required to practice them. Her curiosity has led to trying her hand at several herself and so has in the past has applied herself, amongst others, to sewing, embroidery, bobbin lace-making, quilt making, weaving but also to basketry.

For this, at first, she used willow, dogwood and cane but soon found herself to be more comfortable with softer materials. String, threads, raffia, pine needles and paper have all been used and the made vessels themselves became small and purely decorative and fitted into the palm of a hand. The two main methods used are twining and coiling.

She likes that no particular work space is needed. Her basket making can take place anywhere. No special tools are required apart from sometimes scissors and a needle. Having always liked repetition and things in a row, the building up of line after line, layer after layer, appeals to her. It is rather a slow process and when starting one of her vessels she never quite knows what the final result will be. There is an appealing element of surprise. No two are ever exactly alike.

She enjoys using relatively modest materials and making something where nothing existed before.

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