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Jacky Oliver

Linear expression 2022

Surface edge shadow 2022

Jacky has created pieces for exhibitions, commissions and residencies ranging in scale from small handheld objects through to large-scale architectural pieces.


Each project is completely unique, and the final outcome is always determined by the journey of exploration.


Creating the work for 'Linear expression' and 'Surface edge shadow' has allowed Jacky to refine forms considered in earlier projects, but this time with the freedom to explore the way the multiple components interact with each other extensively. Using steel wire, Jacky silver solder the joints, making use of the skills Jacky learnt when studying jewellery. She aims to create pieces that are well made, celebrating the fact they are handmade, not created by a machine.


Working in a process led way, ideas are allowed to be fluid, carefully arranging the initial components, as they start coming together and the piece is viewed from all angles, Jacky then determines the next stage in the making process. The final form of Jacky’s pieces are discovered through making, the way in which the different parts interact and can be seen from different viewpoints, is something that cannot be predetermined. Once a final composition is arrived at, the pieces are patinated, given a coat of polish, lacquer, and wax to protect their surface.


Whilst studying at the Royal College Jacky became very interested in photography and capturing the shadows cast by her linear structures. This has constantly been an important aspect of Jacky’s work.


Her Hexagon pieces draw their inspiration from looking at the structures within top bar beehives, where the bees are allowed to build free form honeycombs. She was introduced to these beehives when she was researching for the ‘We are commoners’ project.


The Grids series brings together aspects of the work she created from Collect Open at Somerset House in 2020.


In 2022 Jacky was awarded the Cockpit Bursary by the Worshipful Company of Tinplate alia Wire Workers.

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