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James Ward

Wood: growth patterns

Rhythm, pattern and colour are the raw ingredients. The images that arise from mixing them together suggest possibilities and associations. As we look at art through the prism of our individual minds, there is no single point of view.


James makes work that is abstract, in the sense it doesn’t depict what he sees objectively, but alludes to things seen out of the corner of his eye. He likes to let the random shapes of wood that come from the splitting process, help to dictate the outcome. 

Making work that doesn’t immediately announce its meaning and preferring the images to have an ambiguity that allows the viewer to see something new or surprising is James' intention. When he reacts in the same way, he knows the piece is finished.

In response to the constant dazzle of images we are exposed to, James aims to provide a place of sanctuary - a place where showing comes before telling.

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