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Jane Abbott

Gaze, glimpse - a look at landscape

Jane's ceramic work is mostly centred around the vessel form although she also enjoys making flat wall pieces and jewellery.  As an art teacher for many years, specialising in ceramics, she found that much of her inspiration came from the research that is necessary when delivering the Art GCSE and A level syllabus.  Looking at the work of other artists, old and new, is always rewarding.  The textures and compositions of Ben Nicholson, John Piper, the energy of Franz Kline and at present the shapes from the 1950's also help to inform Jane's work.

Jane's early pots were influenced by Alison Britton and Elizabeth Fritch, potters working in the 1970's.  they gave her the confidence to break away from the Bernard leach tradition. The simple enjoyment of making is something that we all recognise and Jane still gets pleasure from enabling others to find the confidence to create.  Teaching has been a creative process for her not a necessary chore.  Having retired from teaching in schools Jane is now a tutor at West dean College, Chichester.

Using oxides and stains, Jane hand mixes her own coloured clays which she then inlays into rolled slabs of stoneware clay before  forming into her chosen forms.

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