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Jane Ponsford

Previously shown in

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land 2018

Paper 2019

Warp, weft, stitch, thread 2021

Find, make 2021

Earth materials 2023

land marked 2024

Jane Ponsford is an artist who works primarily with paper, finding inspiration in the repetitive processes involved in transforming fibres into paper-pulp with which she makes her constructions. Currently she is particularly interested in materiality and process in response to place and she begins much of her work by collecting dust and materials connected with specific locations.


'In transforming cotton or linen rag into paper pulp I am conscious of the connection between thread and line and view the pieces as material drawings, both surface and form, traces of particular settings and landscapes. Looking, walking, collecting and arranging are a continuing process out of which the work emerges. 


The pieces for ‘Land Marked’ have been coloured using clay and other materials from my local landscape in Surrey; sometimes by working directly to build the material into the wet surface of the pulp and also by grinding it to form a pigment or ink to saturate the beaten fibre. The process is both instinctive, working in response to place and also ordered, using particular techniques to make colours and forms. In a way the process of making is also a walk through its own landscape.'

Jane is a member of IAPMA, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. She exhibits nationally and has developed her current practice through residencies in response to the landscape.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Jane Ponsford's work please enquire below.

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