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Janene Waudby

Previously shown in

Blue 2022

Unearthed 2023

land marked 2024

Janene’s work is rooted in nature, particularly of the sea and wild coast of the British Isles. Her ceramic pieces are all thrown or hand built and then burnished with a smooth stone or textured using slips and oxides. Janene’s motivation as an artist is to make work which suggests that nature has had some influence on the outcome. By using fire, mark making or other techniques which cannot be precisely controlled, Janene’s work represents a spontaneous collaboration with the elements.   


Janene’s ability to work with fire, water and clay is not just a functional part of her work. At the heart of each piece is the fact that nature has been allowed to speak. Individual themes also emerge within the work such as how nature can thrive if we leave it alone (such as the lichen series which featured in Unearthed).    

About the Artist

Janene has had a lifetime’s obsession with the sea and nature; walking, diving and sailing all over the world, including around Cape Horn and across the Southern Ocean. She became a full time artist in 2016, initially living in the Scottish Highlands, and more recently moving to the atmospheric Suffolk coast. Janene spends most of her time in the studio seeking peace and simplicity away from the man-made urban environment.   

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Janene Waudby's work please enquire below.

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