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Jilly Edwards

Warp, weft, stitch, thread

Pink stones series

This series of works started with a residency at The Drawing Project UK studios at Trowbridge where I travelled to each day for 5 weeks, just to draw.

Almost immediately after I completed this spell away, the pandemic struck and I was locked into my home studio, with a huge pile of drawings, so I just started to sift, look and investigate and sample what I wanted to weave from these new adventures.

The pink stones were from the second part of my travels and concern the flow of the River Avon that I travelled along each day on my train journey, its turbulence and its calmness, its undercurrents, its reflections and the pink stone of the small towns that are made of the Oolite limestone from nearby quarries, which have this particular pinkness.


I love to work in series to explore the extensiveness of my research, gradually I pared away the marks and was left with the simplicity of my memory of this period of time. Lock down has given me the chance to experiment without feeling guilty and it has been a huge delight.

I look out at the world without being able to travel, yet my drawings have been my means of remembering my time travelling.

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