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Josh Kennard

land marked 2024

Josh Kennard has been consistently curious and experimental with forms, textures, and materials throughout his career. With a keen interest in the natural world, he draws inspiration from natural processes and the materials they produce.


Educated as a furniture maker, Josh has over 15 years of experience in the craft and runs his own business creating standalone furniture and homewares. While he loves his profession, he sometimes feels a conflict between the utility of furniture and his desire to create purely artistic pieces. In his work as a furniture maker, Josh often encounters a variety of materials. It is through this playful experimentation that he discovered an intriguing new medium: tree bark. His first formal collection centers on this often overlooked and discarded material.


Josh has always felt a deep connection to timber and a fascination with forests. Working with tree bark, he finds an exciting departure from the more uniform timber he is accustomed to. The bark tells the long story of a tree’s existence, with layers of defense built up over many years forming intricate and deep textures. Each piece of bark, even from the same species of tree, offers a unique and intriguing experience.


In this collection, Josh aims to highlight the natural beauty of tree bark by arranging and framing snapshots of this natural world. 

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Josh Kennard's work please enquire below.

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