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Kate Henderson

Surface edge shadow 2022

Born in Dorset Kate Henderson is a sculptor now based in Midhurst, West Sussex. Her sculpture is centred on a purity and simplicity of form and finish, creating seemingly effortless and sensual objects that really do beg to be touched.

These very modern pieces are crafted using traditional skills and tools and the finished results reflect both her passion for finish and her creative freedom in shape and form. She works in both direct carving and casting; her cast work is derived from her original carvings, normally in wood. This 'Elemental Forms' series is the result of both processes.

The original forms were based on a small jade carving ‘ Big Sur’ that Kate then scaled up and sliced through to create a series of moulds for casting in varying materials.

In this series each piece is completely unique as she has firstly cast in marble jesmonite and then hand carved and polished them into these beautiful, tactile organic forms. In some cases the pieces can sit in more than one orientation with no ‘right way up’ other than which way you decide to enjoy it!


Marble Jesmonite is a water based composite material containing marble powder which not adds a lovely stone like heft to the sculpture but also a sparkle when the marble catches the light 

 "This series reflects what I call 'Design By Nature' where the elements or natural wear and tear shape and form materials over time. For me Mother Nature is one of the best sculptors of all time and in this series I have definitely been inspired by my collections of sea worn beach pebbles, drift wood and even bones!”


Kate studied sculpture at Heatherleys School of Fine  Art in London and has exhibited work in both the UK and USA and has work in private collections.

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