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Kirstin Rabe (Germany)

Gaze 2021

Find, make 2021

Fascinated by creation and reformulation, light, colour and also the relationship between movement and rest, are central to Kirstin's work. This accompanies her inner drive for reduction. She makes paper and transforms it into a new context of pictorial or wall objects.  Focus is on the paper edges. Although their surfaces initially appear closed and firm, the objects show their special qualities at second glance: subtle nuances of color and texture of the material, as well as contrasts between soft surfaces and sharp edges of the paper, become visible. The broken, wavy lines of the countless layers of paper suggest constant movement and might refer to transformable landscapes.

Kirstin's approach is as follows - recycled papers like old newspapers and pulp are used as the basic materials.  For colouring  she adds ink or pigments. The pulp is cast on a frame which is covered by a sieve.  After drying, the newly created, irregularly shaped and pigment-enriched leaves are immediately split again. The strips thus produced are processed vertically, horizontally or even spirally over and after each other, so that partly floor-to-ceiling layers are created. The relief-like formations are staggered differently in the room or presented on the wall.

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