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Lawrence Dicks

Previously shown in

Surface edge shadow 2022

Earth materials 2023

Rhythm and flow 2023

There is fluid repetition in Lawrence's sculptures setting off a rhythm which flows between all works and connects them as a whole.
The rhythm of the tide is there together with the eroded effect that sea and time have on rocks - rounding, hollowing and pitting surfaces.  This isn't surprising, as a daily walk to a nearby beach must subconsciously filter through, although his work is not about that.

There is rhythm and repetition too in the actual making when a weighty hammer repeatedly hits a chisel and very slowly reveals a form with surfaces of concave or convex undulations and textures; a recognisable visual language that Lawrence has established.
His are still, quiet pieces to spend time with.

The stone Lawrence most commonly works with is Portland stone quarried on the South coast or alternatively Northern French limestone.
The sculpture, titled ‘Inward’, shown in 'Surface edge shadow', has been cast in bronze from the original stone sculpture which is now owned by a collector in Scotland in Marchmont House, so too is an enlarged bronze cast from the same piece which stands in the grounds.


Having graduated in 1998 from Plymouth University (Exeter School of Art and Design), Lawrence has exhibited throughout the UK and has work in private and public collections.   

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