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Lise Herud Braten

Previously shown in

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Earth materials 2023

Lise’s primary interests lie in creating highly textured and natural, organic forms, with references to details in nature and the urban landscape.

Memories of growing up in a rugged landscape in Norway inform both shapes and mark-making, imbuing the pieces with a sense of place.

Lise works with many different techniques, from delicately thin thrown vessels to roughly textured slabs of coarse clay. She often combines different making techniques within each piece, resulting in spontaneous and unplanned shapes and structures. The instinctive nature of making in this way instills a natural and uncontrived expression of a moment in time captured in the shape of the piece.

Using a variety of stoneware and porcelain clays, the pieces are layered with inherent textures from hand-carving and mark-making, which becomes partly hidden, partly enhanced by layers of coloured slips, oxides, glazes and natural ash.  The application is painterly and abstract and Lise works the different colours and materials in an intuitive way, led by instinct rather than planning. The pieces can be fired several times with new layers added between each firing.

The resultant effect of this treatment suffuses the pieces with a sense of history, of time spent exposed and weathered by the natural elements. Each surface rich with texture and colour, invites touch and a sensory experience as much as a visual one.


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