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Nicky Knowles RWA

Rhythm and Flow 2023

'My work is an ongoing dialogue between painting and collage.   I use painted papers and canvas often distressed with encaustic wax which are cut, torn and placed to create form, balance and harmony'.

Nicky was born in London in 1970 but raised in Cambridgeshire.  She familiarised herself from an early age with mid century painting and the St. Ives artists through frequent visits to Jim Ede's collection at Kettles Yard in Cambridge.  Her work has a particular flavour of the mid century British art scene but has developed a distinguishable lyrical character of its own.

Nicky exhibits across the UK with her galleries including major UK Art Fairs.  In 2017 she was elected as a Royal West Academician.  Nicky lives and works in the small market town of Frome where she works from her garden studio.

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